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SepAerator Saver Package - Septic Tank Aerator

The SepAerator® Saver Package is our basic and most economical system for aerating a 500 to 1000 gallon tank an 250-350 Gallons Per Day. This package does not include the air pump housing and platform included with the package above.

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$555.00MSRP: $680.00

Item #:SepSaverPkg

Manufacturer:Septic Solutions

The SepAerator® Saver Package Includes:

  • High Performance Hiblow Septic Air Pump
  • 2.0 cfm, 120VAC, 0.8A, 38 Watts, 32dBA
  • Patented Wonderfuser™ Diffuser Assembly
  • 10 feet of Spa-Flex Heavy Duty Air Line
  • Other Miscellaneous Installation Components
  • Installation and Maintenance Manual

Applications for the SepAerator® Saver Package

  • Designed To Convert Existing Septic Tank Into An Advanced Aerobic Treatment System
  • Eliminates Clogging Biomat In Drainfields And Other Secondary Treatment Systems
  • Designed To Be Installed In Septic Tanks With Capacity Ranging From 500 Gallons up to 1000 Gallons
  • Designed To Be Used In Multiple Compartment Septic Tanks or Multiple Tank Systems
  • Can Be Used In Place of Shaft Aerators on a Jet or Norweco system
  • Can Be Used in Place of the Submersible Aerator on a Multi-Flo system
  • Developed By Experts With Over 25 Years In The Aerobic Wastewater Treatment Industry

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