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SepAerator® Sampling Results

It would be easy to simply say amazing results should be expected, however testing from an independent lab is the only true way to measure those differences. The SepAerator® was tested by an independent lab, having Accreditations by NELAP, NELAC, and ILEAP.

They conducted hundreds of separate tests of effluent discharge on all different types and sizes of existing single and multiple compartment septic tank systems. The size of the septic tanks ranged from 750 to 1500 gallons, with water usage from 2,500 to 11,000 gallons per month. The SepAerator was installed in round tanks and square tanks, deep tanks and shallow tanks, and on city water, rural water, and well water systems. See overall testing results below.

It is understandable that these numbers might be hard to comprehend if you are not a chemist or a lab technician. What these Independent Lab sampling reports do tell, is that with the addition of a SepAerator™ the quality of the septic tank discharge is dramatically improved.

When you process the waste inside the tank, rather than discharge sewage out and into your field the life of the field should be significantly prolonged. Poorer soils will absorb clean effluent much quicker and easier than raw sewage. There is a far lower chance of the septic tank discharge contaminating the ground and drinking waters throughout the United States with the addition of a SepAerator™.

Seems too good to be true but here are the results. With the investment of a few dollars today on a SepAerator® Premium Package, you could expect to save many thousands of dollars by prolonging the life of your secondary treatment system. Preventative maintenance will save you money and more importantly help protect our environment.