Septic Solutions Customer Reviews

The Wonderfuser™ Diffuser Assembly

The Wonderfuser™ is our self-positioning Diffuser that when lowered into a septic tank will always find its way upright. It stands an amazing 13 ½ inches tall and has an eight inch diameter base. The diffuser assembly weighs approximately 13 pounds ensuring a very stable diffuser that will set solidly on the bottom of your septic tank. The upper deflector is 6 ¼ inches in diameter offering an extra large surface area to deflect outward the oxygen being pumped into the tank allowing it to stay in the effluent longer.


  1. Introduces oxygen close to the bottom of a septic tank
  2. Deflects those air bubbles keeping them in the liquid much longer
  3. Breaks most waste solids down into small particles usually within 30 seconds
  4. Continually circulates those small particles allowing aerobic bacteria to quickly find and devour them. Naturally very small particles can be devoured much quicker than large solids

The SepAerator® Wonderfuser™ diffuser assembly performs multiple tasks. First it self-positions itself and sits solidly on the bottom of the septic tank, ensuring that the air is introduced at a consistent height inside each and every septic tank. Secondly, and very importantly, anyone who has done any testing on these types of systems would understand that when oxygen is introduced into a septic tank the bubbles of oxygen created immediately want to rise straight to the top. This action compares to holding a large beach ball under the water at your favorite beach or swimming pool and releasing it. The beach ball will shoot quickly to the top of the water and even exit. The same thing happens to the oxygen being introduced into a septic tank by an aerobic conversion system. Once the oxygen reaches the top it is lost and will no longer promote the growth of aerobic bacteria. Some conversion systems introduce oxygen high in the tank to begin with through their diffuser. This means that everything below their diffuser is receiving little or no oxygen. No oxygen in the bottom of the septic tank means no aerobic bacteria in that part of the septic tank.

The SepAerator®’s Wonderfuser introduces oxygen some 10 inches off the bottom of a septic tank through a series of orifices angled at approximately 45 degrees from top to bottom. When the air passes through these orifices, just like other diffusers the air bubbles want to go straight up. Around 15 inches off the bottom of the tank, the Wonderfuser™ has a deflection area that all the rising air bubbles must hit, and rather than going straight to the top, they are deflected outward 360 degrees around the diffuser. This allows the oxygen to stay in the tank much longer than other systems. Secondly the deflector creates a rolling action in the tank. This rolling action provides a very important function that causes the combined air and water movement to act somewhat like an oversized household blender.

Unique to the SepAerator® Wonderfuser™, by utilizing this deflected rolling action most solids that come into the tank are broken down into very small particles within 30 seconds. When those solids are rapidly broken into small particles that are continually moving inside the tank, aerobic bacteria generated by sufficient oxygen being put inside the tank, can quickly and easily attach themselves to those small particles. Much smaller and moving particles can be found and devoured by these aerobic bacteria very quickly.