• VersAlarm Auto Dialer Personal Notifcation System - Part Number 7006

VersAlarm Auto Dialer Personal Notifcation System


The Versalarm™ Auto Dialer is designed to give you personal notification while you are away from home. Works with the VersAlarm series high water alarm, sump alarm, and flood alarm

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$225.00MSRP: $249.00

Item #:7006

Manufacturer: Alderon

  • Sequentially Dials Any Combination of Four Phone Numbers
  • Delivers Recorded Alarm Message
  • Record Your Own Personal Message
  • Easy To Change Message and Phone Numbers
  • Mounts Flat On Wall
  • Works with PBX or Regular Phone Systems
  • Dimensions: 6'' W x 4'' T x 1.5'' D
  • Three Year Warranty
  • Be Notified Remotely of Submersible Pump Failure
  • Works in Indoor Applications Only
  • Works with VersAlarm high water alarm
  • Works with VersAlarm sump pit alarm
  • Works with VersAlarm flood alarm
  • Calls Any Combination of 4 Phone Numbers
  • Works with PBX and Standard Phone Systems

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