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  • Filtrol 160 Septic Protector Washing Machine Lint Filter  - Part Number Filtrol160
  • Filtrol 160 Septic Protector Washing Machine Lint Filter  - Part Number Filtrol160
  • Filtrol 160 Septic Protector Washing Machine Lint Filter  - Part Number Filtrol160
  • Filtrol 160 Septic Protector Washing Machine Lint Filter  - Part Number Filtrol160
  • Filtrol 160 Septic Protector Washing Machine Lint Filter  - Part Number Filtrol160

Filtrol 160 Septic Protector Washing Machine Lint Filter


The Filtrol-160 washing machine lint filter protects your septic system from being clogged by laundry lint and other non-biodegradable fibers from your washing machine discharge by filtering out these materials using a 160 micron filter bag. The Filtrol 160 washing machine microfiber filter removes non-biodegradable fibers like polyester and nylon, hair, pet fur, sand, dirt particles and metal shavings, from your washing machines discharge before it is released to your septic system or public sewage system

The Filtrol-160 includes the filter housing, wall mounting bracket, washing machine connection hose, and all necessary connection fittings. The unit can easily be installed in 10-15 minutes!

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Item #:Filtrol160

Manufacturer: Filtrol160

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  • Includes filter housing, (1) re-usable filter bag, wall mounting kit, 5 feet of 1'' hose, and all connection fittings

  • Dimensions: 15'' tall x 9'' wide, Protrudes 8'' from the wall when mounted

  • 8'' of clearance above the unit necessary to remove lid to maintenance filter bag

  • Discharge hose can be routed to a standpipe, wallbox, or laundry tub

  • Filter should be cleaned every 10-15 washloads and replaced once per year


Non-biodegradable material fibers (polyester, nylon, and other synthetics) are a leading cause of plugged septic system drain fields, sewer pipes, and drains. Typical lint screens used with consumer washing machines and discharge hoses trap less than 5% of these particals. Did you know that even a new septic system can fail in as little as three years? This is primarily due to non-biodegradable material fibers plugging the soil in septic system drain fields. 

The majority of lint fibers are very fine lightweight particles that stay in suspension in the septic tank. They then flow with the water out to the drainfield where they plug the pores of the soil. Over time, the soil can become so plugged with fibers that the drain field fails to allow the effluent to migrate through the soil. Then, the homeowner is faced with costly repairs. For homes connected to city sewer systems, these lint fibers are a leading cause of sewer pipe and drain clogs, which can cause flooding in laundry rooms and basements.


The Filtrol 160 is a very important tool that when used will prevent a tremendous amount of unwanted debris from leaving your washing machine and entering into your septic system. There are some who would think that there couldn’t be that much debris coming out of their washing machine. Lets say that each load of laundry you flushed into your septic system had a small hand full of lint go with it. This in itself wouldn’t seem to be that much. However lets say that you did on average of 5 loads per week, 20 per month, which would total 240 loads per year. Each year your washing machine would be flushing 240 small handfuls of washing machine debris directly into your septic system. Although some of this will break down in your septic tank most of it will not. A combination of weeks, months, and years of this washing machine build-up will have a major impact on the life of your septic system. Septic Solutions has been in the septic system business for many years and one very important lesson we have learned is that Preventative Maintenance will save you money. For the price of a Filtrol 160 today, you could quite possible save many thousands of dollars in septic system replacement costs tomorrow. 

The Filtrol 160 washing machine filter  can be used by anyone with a washing machine. Whether you live in a rural area and use a septic system or in a city using public sewer, the Filtrol 160 can give you benefits.

Septic System Owners

Septic systems use the soil to treat and filter out contaminates. If the soil becomes clogged with damaging fibers like microfiber lint, it can lead to premature septic system and drainfield failure.The Filtrol 160 will help remove these fibers, therefore prolonging the life of your septic system and drainfield. 

City Sewer Benefits

The Filtrol 160 will help prevent your drain pipes from clogging with washing machine lint. Lint is one of the leading causes of drain pipe blockage and can cost hundreds of dollars just to remove the obstruction in the pipe. Using the Filtrol 160 will also be helping your local wastewater plant remove microfibers.


Washing machines are a major cause of septic and drainfield failures. With the cost to replace a septic system running $5000 to more than $20,000, the FILTROL-160 washing machine filter is cheap insurance to protect your wallet and your property. This product has been featured in magazines and TV shows including ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, and PBS News programs, and even a major story on CNN.

These fine particles go right through the septic tank out to the drainfield where they plug the pores of the soil. The FILTROL 160™ washing machine filter is a patented, re-usable filter that attaches to your washing machine discharge hose and removes the non-biodegradable fibers like polyester and nylon, sand, hair, and pet fur before they go down the drain and plug your septic system an drainpipes.

Install the Filtrol 160 discharge hose in a standpipe, laundry tub, or wall box.

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