• Sim/Tech 7" Bristle Effluent Filter and Baffle Combo - Part Number STF-110-7R-FH

Sim/Tech 7" Bristle Effluent Filter and Baffle Combo



The Sim/Tech bristle filters offer superior filtration for tissue, hair, lint, and most common solids found in wastewater. The STF-110-7R bristle filter easily installs in any existing 6'' pipe or concrete baffle and its flexible design allows for easy maintenance!

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Item #:STF-110-7R-FH

Manufacturer: Sim/Tech

  • Rated To Filter 4000 Gallons Per Day
  • Over 7300 Square Inches of 1/16'' Filter Area
  • Designed With Non-Directional Bristles For Unrestricted Flow
  • Allows Biological Maturing and Sloughing To Maximize Efficiency
  • Simple To Install. Easy To Clean
  • Installs In Any 6'' Pipe or Existing Baffle
  • Flexible Design Allows For Easy Installation and Maintenance
  • Overall Length: 23''
  • Provides well over 1/2 mile of filtration media with over 319 cu. in. of open area to eliminate clogging
  • The filters designed shape creates a debris separation space which naturally sorts debris according to size and mass, ensures even filter usage for a long lifespand and maximizes circular flow
  • Self-locking bristles hold the filter firmly in place, eliminitatin "filter float up"