1 Choose A 12'' Adapter Ring

The first component that you need in order to build a complete riser system is the adapter ring. The adapter ring mounts directly to the septic tank, allowing the risers to stack, lock, and mount to it.

  • Polyok 12'' Round Septic Tank To Riser Adapter Ring
    Polylok 12'' Round Tank Adapter Ring

    This Polylok Round Tank Adapter Ring is for up to 17'' round or 12'' square or smaller openings. This ring allows you to mount the Polylok risers to a concrete or plastic septic tank. Once the adapter ring is mounted and seals, any combination of Polylok 12'' diameter risers or lids will attach directly to this ring.


    Item #:3017-AR12

    Our Price: $55.00MSRP: $69.00

2 Choose A 12'' Septic Tank Riser

Risers are used to bring the access of your septic tank to grade. Choose any combination of the options below to achieve the necessary rise. The Polylok risers are stackable.

  • Polylok 12" x 6" Septic Tank Riser
    Polylok 12" x 6" Septic Tank Riser

    This Polylok riser is 12'' in diameter and 6'' tall. Polylok risers are stackable giving great flexibility when bringing your access to grade. Each riser locks into position and is fastened with included stainless steel screws. The 12'' Polylok Risers fit the 4-Hole Polylok Distribution Boxes (#3017-12-SC and #3017-12-GC).


    Item #:3017-R

    Our Price: $26.00MSRP: $35.00

3 Choose A 12'' Riser Lid

The final component that you will need to complete your riser system is a lid.

  • Polylok 12" Septic Tank Riser LidPolylok 12" Septic Tank Riser Lid
    Polylok 12" Septic Tank Riser Lid

    This standard 12'' Polylok Riser Lid model PL-12RC fits the 12'' diameter Polylok risers. The Polylok Riser Lids are made of HDPE with the highest UV protection on the market today. These covers can withstand normal residential and light commerical traffic including up to a riding lawn mower or small garden tractor.


    Item #:3017-C

    Our Price: $26.00MSRP: $35.00

4 Choose Optional 12'' Accessories

Below are optional but recommended accessories to include with your riser system.

  • Best Seller
    Adapter Ring Installation Anchor Kit with Sealant Rope
    Adapter Installation Anchor Kit The adapter ring installation kit is used to mount and seal the Polylok tank adapter rings to a concrete tank. The kit includes concrete anchors, a masonry bit, and butyl sealant.  READ MORE

    Item #:AnchorKit

    Our Price: $19.50MSRP: $29.00
  • Butyl Sealant Rope
    Butyl Sealant Rope

    The butyl sealant rope is used to seal the tank adapter ring to concrete, plastic, or fiberglass septic tanks.

    20ft Roll (1/2'' Wide, 1/4'' Thick)


    Item #:ASTM-C990

    Our Price: $8.95MSRP: $12.95