• POLYLOK 20" X 3" PAN SEPTIC TANK RISER - Part Number 3009-LPRP



This Polylok riser is 20'' in diameter and 3'' tall. Polylok risers are stackable giving great flexibility when bringing your access to grade. Each riser locks into position and is fastened with included stainless steel screws. This item can also be used to cast your own concrete safety lid!

The safety screen (#3009-SS) will not attach directly to this item.

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$32.00MSRP: $39.00

Item #:3009-LPRP

Manufacturer: Polylok

  • 20'' Diameter, 3'' Tall
  • Fits Only Polylok 20'' Risers or Adapter Ring (#3009-AR or #3009-RTR20)
  • The Safety Screen (3009-SS) will not attach to this item
  • Can Be Used To Cast A Concrete Safety SCreen
  • Heavy Duty Structural Reinforcements for Added Strength
  • Includes and Attaches With Stainless Steel Screws
  • Stackable For Flexibility When Bringing Your Access To Grade
  • Can Handle Weights of Lawn Mowers or Small Garden Tractors


Once you have chosen the adapter ring, it is time to shop for risers. The Polylok risers come in 6’’ tall and 12’’ tall and in 24’’ diameter and 20’’ diameter. They are stackable and each unit comes with a pre-installed gasket and stainless steel screws for mounting. Use the height measurement that you took between the septic tank and ground level to determine which risers will work best for your application.

Polylok Septic Tank Risers