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How to Pick the Best Septic Air Pump

The septic air pump is literally the lifeline of your aerobic system. The system cannot function the way it was designed without the air pump working. The actual purpose of the air pump is two-fold.

First, the air pump puts oxygen into the water allowing the formation and survival of Aerobic bacteria. These Aerobic bacteria are what eat up all of the waste in the tank. They are much larger and more efficient at processing waste as compared to the anaerobic bacteria found in a conventional septic system.

Secondly, the air pump creates an action in the tank that breaks down large solids into tiny particles, making it very easy for the bacteria to attach to and devour the waste.

If your air pump quits working on your aerobic system, over a period of about 2 weeks the system will begin to turn back anaerobic. The biggest problem with this happening is that there is no secondary treatment system behind your aerobic system, as you have in a conventional anaerobic septic system. Once the aerobic system turns back anaerobic, instead of producing a clear odorless discharge the effluent will be closer to raw sewage. As you may realize, raw sewage discharging into a ditch, lake, or pond, or being sprayed on your lawn is not a good thing. This is why it is important to your system for the air pump to be up and running.



Cyclone, Medo

Models Available: SS-40, SS-60, SS-80, SSX80, SSX100, SSX120, Medo LA-45C, LA-60B, LA-80BN, LA-100, LA-120

The Cyclone SS and Medo LA Series pumps earn the label of “Good” from Septic Solutions. These units boast an above average lifespan at an affordable price point. The Medo Piston units are exceptional in conditions where higher back pressures may exist such as use at extreme elevations, or use on systems with stone diffusers that tend to clog up easily.


Hiblow XP Series

Models Available: XP-40, XP-60, XP-80

The new Hiblow XP series linear diaphragm air pumps are considered to be an "economy" product line from the world's largest producer of linear air pumps. While the Hiblow HP series continues to exceed the industry standard for life expectancy and build quality, the XP series is available to consumers with a more efficient operating cost at an affordable lower price point.

The XP series may be an “economy” level product by Hiblow standards, but still boasts quality as good as anything on the market with the exception of its big brother the HP series. If you want Hiblow like quality, but are looking to save a few bucks, the XP series would be our recommendation.


Hiblow HP Series

Models Available: HP-40, HP-60, HP-80, HP-100LL, HP-120LL, HP-150, HP-200

The Hiblow HP series has long been considered the best linear pump available on the market. Since 2002, the HP series has led the industry in product reliability and durability. The HP series continues to be the workhorse of the Hiblow product line and is the most widely NSF approved pump in the septic system industry. If you are looking for the best linear air pump money can buy, then you should purchase a Hiblow HP Series unit that fits your application.

When it comes to the linear air pumps offered on the market, in general you get what you pay for. The lower dollar air pumps available save you some money up front, but you will be reinvesting in a replacement unit much sooner than the higher end pumps.


The other misconception is that the air pump just puts air in the water, so it doesn’t really matter which size is used. Nothing could be further from the truth. Air pump sizing is actually very important to the operation of your system, and not every system will use the same size air pump. If you have been our website, then you already know there are many different types and sizes. The air pump size is normally determined by the volume capacity of the tank, the style of air diffusers in the tank, and how many GPD (Gallons Per Day) the system is designed to treat.

Our sales team can make sure you get the right size pump if you are unsure about this aspect of buying a new one. In most cases we only need either the model number of the pump you are replacing, or the brand of your aerobic system and the GPD that it is rated to treat. Again, size does matter and it is very important that you get the correct air pump for your system.

If you have further questions about which air pump to choose, feel free to contact us at 1-877-925-5132 or