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Low Pressure Dosing System Installation with Infiltrator Leach Field Chambers

In this video, our sister company James Backhoe Service, Inc., installs a septic system for a church. The system includes a 1500 Gallon Infiltrator Septic Tank, a 1000 Gallon Fiberglass Pump Station with Dosing Controls, and Infiltrator Lateral Lines with a LPP (Low Pressure Pipe) System. 

This system is scheduled to dose periodically throughout the day. When the timer in the control panel allows the submersible pump to come one, the pump will pressurize the entire leach field system in order to distribute the water evenly across the entire drain field. The large capacity of the dosing tank allows the system to store the wastewater flowing in during high use periods and the timer system allows the pump to evenly distribute that wastewater to the leach field throughout the day.

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