• Control Panel and Alarm for Septic Air Pumps - Part Number 50B135

Control Panel and Alarm for Septic Air Pumps


Control box with alarm and buzzer to notify you of air pump failure. The air pressure switch inside the box attaches to the air pump with a 1/8'' hose. When the pressure drops below 1 p.s.i., the alarm and buzzer are activated letting you know that the air pump needs repaired or replaced.

Made In USA NEMA 4X UL Listed

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$125.00 MSRP: $155.00

Item #:50B135

Manufacturer: SPI

Septic Air Pump Alarm Features

  • 3x5 Box with Amber Light, Buzzer, and External Air Switch Hookup
  • Low pressure relay activates with pressures under 1 p.s.i
  • Audible 80 dB Buzzer, Visual Amber Alarm Light
  • 120 VAC, 60Hz
  • UL LIsted, Nema 4X Enclosure
  • Limited Two Year Warranty

Septic Air Pump Alarm Panel Downloadable Documents

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