• Four Step Complete Septic System Treatment Program - Part Number K-4SST

Four Step Complete Septic System Treatment Program



Your septic system can encounter extensive abuse from chemical cleaners, toxic drain openers, soap, grease and excessive paper. These all put a burden on a septic tank's and drain field's performance. Our recommended 4 Step Septic Treatment Program treats the major problems which often lead to system failure. This quarterly program will ensure your septic system continues to operate at peak performance for years and years to come!

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Item #:K-4SST

Manufacturer: Roebic

STEP 1: K-37 Septic Tank Treatment (Month 1)

Biological activity in septic tanks is easily thrown out of balance when excessive water, harmful detergents or other harmful chemicals enter the system. K-37 Septic Tank Treatment is specifically designed to restore the natural balance within septic tanks by promoting the efficient and rapid breakdown of solids, thereby reducing sludge and scum levels and resulting in reduced odors, less clogs and more efficient system operation.

STEP 2: K-570 Leach & Drain Field Opener (Month 4)

This step introduces a select blend of specialized active bacteria that target the causes of clogged leach fields and drain fields. We have formulated this next generation product as a concentrate. This allows for the delivery of more enzyme producing bacteria to the problem area. K-570 can prevent system failure and more rapidly breaks up drain field clogs to restore proper drainage.

STEP 3: K-87 Soap, Grease, & Paper Digester (Month 7)

S.G.P. is specially formulated to breakdown Soap, Grease and Paper. K-87 contains patented bacterial cultures, capable of degrading these difficult to breakdown products. Adding S.G.P. to your system will fortify your system's bacteria and help ensure problem free septic system operations.

STEP 4: K-97 Main Line Cleaner (Month 10)

Sewage and other debris tend to accumulate in both sewer lines and in main lines leading to septic tanks. This is a common problem in both old and newer homes, as modern water saving toilets do a poor job of pushing waste out of sewage lines. This troublesome organic build-up can quickly result in clogging problems and back-ups. K-97 Main Line Cleaner attacks this accumulated material and quickly restores proper flow, keeping your lines problem free.