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  • BIO-B Double Light Control Panel for Aerobic Treatment Systems - Part Number 50B006
  • BIO-B Double Light Control Panel for Aerobic Treatment Systems - Part Number 50B006

BIO-B Double Light Control Panel for Aerobic Treatment Systems


The BIO-B control panel is designed for use on aerobic treatment systems with an air pump and a submersible pump. This control panel gives alarm for high water and air pump failure. This panel does not include a timer.

Made In USANEMA 4XUL Listed

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Item #:50B006

Manufacturer: SPI

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BIO-B Aerobic Control Panel Specifications

  • 120VAC Circuits for Air Pump, Submersible Pump, and Alarms
  • 20 Amp Submersible Pump Circuit, 10 Amp Air Pump Circuit, 10 Amp Alarm/Control Circuit
  • Internally Mounted Pressure Sensor with 1/8'' Barb
  • Air Pump Failure Alarm and High Water Alarm
  • Externally Mounted High Decibel Alarm Buzzers
  • 360 Degree Red High Water Alarm Light and Amber Air Pump Failure Alarm Light
  • Externally Mounted Alarm Run/Test/Mute Switch
  • NEMA 4X Enclosure. UL 508A Listed
  • Dimensions: 10.50'' x 10.25'' x 4.00''
  • Color Coded Internal Wiring, Easily Replaceable Components
  • Comes With Detailed Wiring Schematic and Connection Diagram
  • Pump Duty Float Switch & High Level Alarm Float Switch Sold Separately

BIO-B Aerobic Control Panel Applications

To make a decision on which panel will work best for your particular system, you need to figure out what the components are of your system. Every aerobic system will have an air pump, that is a given. Some systems but not all will have a submersible pump to remove the water from the system sending it either to a secondary treatment system, or commonly a drip irrigation or spray irrigation system. The type of system you have will determine which control panel functions you will need. See these options discussed further below.


The BIO-B double light control panel works best on aerobic systems that include an air pump and a submersible pump. This panel includes three breakers for the alarm circuit, air pump circuit, and submersible pump circuit. It includes separate alarms for both high water and air pump failure. The high water alarm operates from a float switch in the tank, while the air pump failure alarm uses a pressure switch connected to the pump via a 1/8’’ airline. The BIO-B does not have a timer to operate the submersible pump. This means the pump will come on when the tank is full, or on demand as some will call it.

BIO-B Double Light Aerobic System Control Panel

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