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  • Pump Protector™ Vented Air Pump Housing and Platform - Part Number SSCOMBO40
  • Pump Protector™ Vented Air Pump Housing and Platform - Part Number SSCOMBO40

Pump Protector™ Vented Air Pump Housing and Platform


USABLE INTERIOR DIMENSIONS: 18'' L x 11.5'' W x 12'' T

The Pump Protector™ air pump cover and base is a small investment that will extend the life of your air pump by protecting it from the elements as well as soften the noise.

The Pump Protector™ will house nearly any linear air pump, rotary vane compressor, or 1/3 and 1/2 HP regenerative blowers. There is also enough room to cover your electrical boxes or system control panel!

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Item #:SSCOMBO40

Manufacturer: Septic Solutions


  • High quality injection molded plastic
  • Color: Forest Green
  • Curved edges and a rounded top for superior strength
  • 8-inch aluminum vent on each end
  • Ample ventalation adds years of life to your air pump
  • Platform is 22" L x 17.5" W x 5" Tall, Housing is 13" Tall
  • Will house most linear air pumps, rotary vane air pumps, and 1/3 or 1/2 HP regenerative blowers

NOTE: Since we use this cover for multiple styles of air pumps, compressors, and blowers that all have different requirements for the size and locations of the holes for the airline and electrical, we do not have any pre-drilled holes in the enclosure. You will need to drill your own holes in the base in the locations needed for your application. This can be done easily with a hole saw or spade bit.

The Pump Protector is manufactured exclusively for Septic Solutions from high quality injection molded plastic. The two piece setup includes a 5’’ tall hollow base that keeps your aerator pump up off of the ground and a vented housing cover that attaches to the base via (4) stainless steel bolts.

The Pump Protector features curved edges and a rounded top which give it superior strength. The 8’’ aluminum vents on each end of the housing and the ventilation gap between the housing and the base provide more than ample air circulation which can add years to life to your air pump. The matte green finish blends in with your lawn or landscaping and will not fade or deteriorate with years of exposure to sunlight and weather.

Pump Protector Air Pump Housing and Platform