• Sludge Remover Bacteria Pellets - 10lb Pail of 3 gram Pellets - Part Number ABB10X

Sludge Remover Bacteria Pellets - 10lb Pail of 3 gram Pellets


Simply toss pellets in the water for easy application!

Sludge Remover Bacteria Pellets are designed specifically to remove organic sludge from the bottom of lakes and ponds. Muck and sludge in the bottom of a pond or lake is the result of fish waste, dead algae, uneaten fish food, leaves, and other debris. When introduced into the water these blocks sink to the bottom and dissolve to begin to remove bottom organic sludge - often several inches per year! Sludge Remover Bacteria Pellets are perfect for spot treating around docks and beaches, or when used with a PondPlus+ aeration system treating an entire pond.

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Item #:ABB10X

Manufacturer: PondPlus+


  • ABB10X 10lb Pail of 3 gram Sludge Remover Pellets
  • Treats up to 2.5 surface acres
  • Diminishes bottom organic sludge buildup
  • Removes pond odors caused by stagnant water and decaying material
  • Sinking pellets for precise and effective placement
  • Enhances water clarity and reduces murky water
  • Helps lower oxygen demand in the pond
  • Reduces problem causing nitrate and phosphates
  • Eco-Friendly and safe for all fish and aquatic life


The Sludge Remover Bacteria Pellets are ideal for use in recreational ponds, farm ponds, golf course ponds, retention ponds, irrigation ponds, and other bodies of water.


For best results the Sludge Remover pellets should be added every two weeks when water temperatures are above 55 degrees F.

SPOT TREATMENTS: Apply one scoop (8 oz) per 1000-1500 square feet of beach, shoreline or problem area every two weeks.
FULL POND TREATMENTS: Apply two scoops per 1/4 acre of pond surface area every two weeks.

Avoid using copper based algaecides for 48 hours before applying. 

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