• Super Concentrated Caribbean Blue Pond Dye Liquid in 1 Quart Bottle - Part Number ECPD

Super Concentrated Caribbean Blue Pond Dye Liquid in 1 Quart Bottle


This Super Concentrated Caribbean Blue Liquid Pond Dye can be added directly into a pond or lake to create a calming "Caribbean" blue tint to the water. This dye is completely fish and aquatic life safe and no water restrictions are associated with use. This dye is super concentrated and requires less per acre when compared to other dyes on the market.

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Item #:ECPD

Manufacturer: PondPlus+


  • Color: Caribbean Blue
  • Creates a Caribbean-style blue tint to pond water
  • 1 Quart of Super Concentrated dye liquid
  • Treats up to 1 surface acres, 6 feet deep
  • Eco-Friendly and non-toxic product that is safe for fish and aquatic life
  • Water can be used for swimming or irrigation once product is dispersed
  • Compatible with Pond-Vive bacteria, Sludge Remover Bacteria, and our PondPlus+ aeration systems


The concentrated blue pond dye can be used to create an appealing appearance in ponds and lakes. This product can be used in spring, summer, and fall as needed.


Add 1 bottle per surface acre. For best results add to multiple spots around the edges of the pond or use in conjunction with aeration. Use of gloves is recommended when handling the product. This dye will not stain rocks, plants, pets, wildlife, or people once diluted and dispersed in water. The dye is compatible with most other water treatments.

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