• Polylok 24'' Diameter x 26'' Tall Complete Riser Package - Part Number 24PRP-24
  • Polylok 24'' Diameter x 26'' Tall Complete Riser Package - Part Number 24PRP-24

Polylok 24'' Diameter x 26'' Tall Complete Riser Package


This complete 24'' diameter x 26'' tall Polylok riser package includes everything needed to install a septic tank riser system in applications where up to 26'' of riser is necessary. The package includes the Polylok Tank Adapter Ring (#3009-AR), 2- Polylok 24'' x 12'' Risers (#3008-R12), Polylok 24'' Riser Lid (#3008-RC), and the Adapter Ring Installation Kit (#AnchorKit).

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Item #:24PRP-24

Manufacturer: Polylok

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Polylok Square Tank Adapter Ring (#3009-AR)

  • Covers A Maximum Opening of 25'' Square or 27'' Round
  • Large, Flat Surface Area For Easy Tank Mounting

(2) Polylok 24'' x 12'' Riser (#3008-R12)

  • 24'' Diameter, 12'' Tall
  • Heavy Duty Structural Reinforcements for Added Strength
  • Includes Factory Installed Gasket for Watertight Seal
  • Includes and Attaches With Stainless Steel Screws
  • Can Handle Weights of Lawn Mowers or Small Garden Tractors

Polylok 24'' Riser Lid (#3008-RC)

  • Model PL-24RC, 24'' Polylok Riser Lid
  • Includes Factory Installed Gasket for Watertight Seal
  • Includes Two Recessed Handles for Easy Removal
  • Includes and Attaches With Stainless Steel Screws
  • Can Handle Weight Up To A Riding Lawn Mower or Small Garden Tractor

Adapter Ring Installation Kit (#AnchorKit)

  • (8) 2-1/4'' x 1/4'' Concrete Wedge Anchors with nuts and washers
  • Hammer-Drill Masonry Bit
  • 20' Roll of Butyl Sealant (1/2'' Wide x 1/4'' Thick)


There are many different types and styles of septic tank risers on the market today. Our Polylok septic tank risers are simply the best your money can buy. The reasons are many, but here are the most important:

  • FACTORY INSTALLED GASKETS – The Polylok brand is the only product on the market that comes to you from the factory with pre-installed gaskets. This means no extra work is required to make the riser system air tight and water tight! This is very important in order to keep ground water out of your tank, wastewater inside your tank, and dangerous gases out of your yard! Most other products require you to purchase or use some other form of sealant between each riser section, but with our Polylok septic tank risers you do not need to worry about it!
  • INTERNAL STRUCTURAL RIBS – The Polylok septic tank risers have structural ribs internally around each riser section which give them great strength and allow them to hold their shape with the pressure of soil being pushed against them once the hole is backfilled. These internal structural ribs allow the outside of the riser to be smooth, this is important because of the freezing and thawing of the ground in many areas. When the ground freezes and thaws it expands and contracts and products with structural support on the outside of the riser can actually be lifted from the tank causing damage to the riser and the seal. The Polylok products will have no issues in frost areas because they are completely smooth on the outside!
  • LIDS WITH HANDLES – The access lid on a riser system is one of the most important components, because it is what you see in your yard and also what you have to remove every time the system is pumped or maintained. The Polylok lids come with pre-installed handles that allow you to easily remove the lid any time you want to access the system. The lids are structurally supported on the bottom which also allows them to be relatively flat, instead of domed shaped like many other products on the market.
  • LARGE ADAPTER RING – In order to put septic tank risers onto your septic tank, you need an adapter ring. Polylok has one of the largest adapter rings on the market allowing you to cover up to a 25’’ square opening or a 27’’ round opening. This ring accepts both 20’’ and 24’’ risers and gives you great flexibility no matter what size your opening may be.
  • STAINLESS STEEL SCREWS INCLUDED - At Septic Solutions we want to make your ordering and installation process as simple as possible. All of our Polylok Septic Tank Risers and Lids come complete with the stainless steel screws necessary to install them.

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