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6-Month Money Back Guarantee

We guarantee that the SepAerator® Premium Package will improve the quality of the effluent being discharged from an existing septic tank and prolong the life of the secondary treatment system or Septic Solutions, Inc. will refund to the homeowner 100% of their original purchase price of the SepAerator® Premium Package. Septic Solutions, Inc. is very confident that the SepAerator® process will improve the performance of your septic system, however, we understand that every system is distinctive and there should be considerations for those systems given. Consequently, if after 6 months from original purchase date, you are not satisfied with the SepAerator® Premium Package does not perform as advertised, and you worked with our free technical support staff, you can return it to us for a full refund.

SepAerator® Premium Package Money Back Guarantee Details

As a requirement of this guarantee the purchaser must contact Septic Solutions, Inc., and speak with our technical staff concerning the operation and installation of their SepAerator®, as well as the remediation progress of your septic system, within 90 days of purchase date. We will, at that time, confirm the proper installation and/or make recommendations as to changes that must be made concerning proper installation. At the customer’s option, at the end of the 6 months from purchase date, we will initiate the refund process if the SepAerator® Premium Package did not perform as herein described. This guarantee only applies when you purchase the complete SepAerator® Premium Package and does not apply on other SepAerator® Packages or individual components.

The SepAerator® Premium Package 100% Guarantee was developed to provide those homeowners the confidence they need to purchase the product and to display the confidence that Septic Solutions has in the product. There are however some restrictions that can and must apply to this guarantee that would be extraordinary and out of the control of the design elements of this system. Those elements that would cause this Guarantee to become null and void would include:

  1. Adding any toxic materials and/ or harsh chemicals to the septic system that would be detrimental to the natural growth of aerobic bacteria. These could include paint and paint thinners, acids, heavy extended use of antibiotics, some form of pesticide, large amounts of chlorine, etc.
  2. The actual septic system where the SepAerator® would be installed doesn’t allow excessive ground water infiltration, leaking stools or other faulty plumbing devices, have high seasonal water tables, or located in an area subject to flooding.
  3. The septic system isn’t being overloaded by excessive water usage that is beyond what the original size and design of the system was at time of the septic system’s actual installation. For instance: The actual secondary treatment system such as the field absorption system wasn’t designed to be large enough to handle the flow of effluent being discharged to it. Those fields that are smaller than 200 feet in length would automatically be disqualified from this 6 Month Guarantee.

The SepAerator® is an amazing piece of equipment and will greatly enhance any septic system, however no aerobic process can overcome the obstacles as stated above. Those obstacles, if present, should be remedied at or before installation of this equipment in an effort to ensure the 100% Satisfaction Guarantee can apply. We will be fully supportive of your SepAerator® installation and want our products to succeed for your application. We feel that by providing you with these restrictions it will only enhance your knowledge of this product and thereby greatly increase your success in using it.

The purchaser’s only responsibility would be to return the air pump, housing and platform, and provide proof that other SepAerator® components inside the tank are no longer functional. This guarantee does not cover optional equipment purchased such as risers, lids, and other miscellaneous items. Simply leave those optional pieces and the diffuser assembly in the tank.

Lifetime warranties are available when SepAerators® are purchased through Septic Solutions, Inc. approved Licensed Septic System Installation Contractors and a continuous yearly maintenance agreement is in effect. This warranty applies to all SepAerator® systems installed in accordance with the Operation and Maintenance Manual. The following Limited warranty does apply.

SepAerator® Limited Warranty

Septic Solutions, Inc. SepAerator® Products limited warranty is that of the manufacturers of those products sold and does not cover any damages incurred by improper installation. To repair or exchange components, F.O.B. factory, that in the manufacturer’s judgment is defective, provided that said component part has been paid for and is returned through Septic Solutions, Inc. prepaid. The limited warranty makes no provision for any informal dispute settlement agreement.

The limited warranty does not cover any products that have not been properly installed, damaged do to altered or improper wiring or overload protection, flooded by any external means, disassembled by any unauthorized person, or damaged by an act of nature. The limited warranty does not cover damages or defects caused by ants, insects or rodents to any component part of the products.

Septic Solutions, Inc. through the manufacturer reserves the right to replace any component part covered under this limited warranty with a component part, which in the manufacturer’s judgment, is equivalent to the part replaced. Septic Solutions, Inc. and the manufacturer claims no responsibility for any delays or damages caused by defective components or materials which cause losses incurred by interruption of service or for repairs or replacements of component parts covered by the limited warranty.

Septic Solutions, Inc. is not responsible for the infield operation of our products. The proper operation of the SepAerator® depends upon proper organic and hydraulic loading. We cannot control the loading of substances that may upset the biological balance. Septic Solutions, Inc. recommends that you check with your local regulatory agencies to ensure that you are in compliance with all local regulations.

Septic Solutions, Inc. warranties this product to be free from defects in material workmanship for 1 year from date of purchase. Our warranty will not apply to any product that has been subject to negligence, misapplication, improper installation or maintenance. Buyer’s only remedy and Septic Solutions, Inc. only duty is to repair or replace defective products (at Septic Solutions, Inc. choice). Septic Solutions, Inc. shall not be liable for any consequential, incidental, or contingent damages whatsoever.