• RubberLox Adjustable Float Cable Strap - Part Number 8092
  • RubberLox Adjustable Float Cable Strap - Part Number 8092
  • RubberLox Adjustable Float Cable Strap - Part Number 8092

RubberLox Adjustable Float Cable Strap


Alderon’s RubberLox™ Adjustable Strap has many uses and is perfect for pipe clamping float switches. Position the float switch cable in the designated area of the RubberLox™ (18 AWG to 12 AWG cable) and wrap around the pipe.

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Each end of the RubberLox™ has finger grips. Simply wrap around the pipe, insert end through hole, pull on the finger gripped ends with your hands or use pliers for extra grip and ratchet to desired tightness.

Loosen to adjust tether length or completely remove by reverse motion/force on the finger grip ends (the rubber hole and angled tabs are flexible and can pass through hole in the reverse direction).


1) What is the minimum and maximum pipe size that can be used?
Answer: 1-inch (1”) Minimum and 2.5-inch (2.5”) Maximum

2) Will it work on all pump switches; 13A, 15A and 20A?
Answer: Yes

3) How durable compared to a regular zip tie?
Answer: In our opinion, more durable because it’s heavier, flexible and works better in warm/cold temperatures.

4) Do they get brittle after some time in the tank?
Answer: No, unit has been tested in actual septic tank conditions.

5) How good is the chemical resistance of RubberLox™?
Answer: Excellent, we have tested with chemicals used by UL for sewage testing: Acetic Acid (5%), Detergent (5%), Distilled Water, Soap Flake (5%), Lard (100%), Corn Oil (100%), Sodium Carbonate (5%), Sodium Chloride (5%), Sodium Hydroxide (5%), Sodium Sulfate (5%) and Synthetic Urine (do not use for hydrocarbons, gasoline, etc.).

6) Are they reusable?
Answer: Yes, they are releasable and reusable.

7) Are they faster to install than a standard stainless steel pipe clamp?
Answer: Yes, 20-30 seconds to install RubberLox™ vs. 3-4 minutes for stainless steel pipe clamp.

8) Which is better, a stainless steel pipe clamp or the RubberLox™ pipe clamp?
Answer: In our opinion, RubberLox™ is faster to install and can withstand harsh chemical environments where as stainless steel can still rust in sewage environments.

9) Where else can I use RubberLox™?
Answer: Only limited by your imagination, see a few examples in Applications section below.


1) Secure Multiple Cords in Lift Stations
2) Float Switch Pipe Clamp .
3) Secure Excess Cord (of any type; e.g., float cable, extension cords, air hoses, speaker cable, etc.)